Foundation Programs



STEM and Aviation Workshops

Our one day STEM and aviation workshops involves youngsters in experiencing how science, technology, engineering and mathematics all interact to develop aircraft. Participants are introduced to sources of power for flight, airfoils and systems used to permit aircraft to fly.

Students are placed in groups where they get to interact closely with the Foundations historical aircraft and then duplicate them. The workshops end with students experimenting with flying the aircraft they built. Each student receives a model of the Foundation’s T6 Texan aircraft.

Forgotten Heroes of Aviation Experience

The Forgotten Heroes of Aviation Experience is built around an interactive performance by an actor(s) who portrays a particular aviation pioneer that is not commonly known. Specifically, Jacques Bullard, Bessie Coleman, etc. The experience enables the attendees to engage with the character and learn a little about how this character grew up and became the historical aviation pioneer.

Flight Simulation and STEM

In this one day program, participants are given an introduction to flight as a combination lecture and practical experience through the use of Foundation flight simulators. They cover geography of their particular regions, weather and principles of flight. All youngsters receive a model of the Foundation’s “American Patriot” fighter jet.


Micro Bit and Pi Programming

This is a weekend seminar and workshop that introduces the kids to programming micro processors. It focuses on digital logic and electronics. Each youngster receives a computer that they can keep.